Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Happy Valentine's!

Not that I have a Valentine(sighs, forever alone), but I wanted to treat myself to something. What a good time for a pamper session, right?

So I light a few candles, get out my wine bottle and a couple of cupcakes that are decorated for Valentine's day. I make myself a bath, use a pink(DIY-ed) bath bomb. Scroll through Instagram, see how everyone gets their presents and a night out. So I turn it off since it makes me sad. I get out of my bath, get all cozy in my room, and play me some 'Valentine's day'. Popcorn are essential as well as my pink lemonade. Everything pink, right?

Okay, back to reality. I don't have a Valentine, neither do I celebrate Valentine's day. The only thing I do like to do for this day is bake. I made pink and red meringues dipped in white cream and colourful sprinkles(Try here!) and vanilla cupcakes coloured  in pink with white frosting on top(Here). It's all so delicious, my little brother ate a whole lot of meringues and two cupcakes(he usually doesn't eat as much, so this really is a miracle)

If you were alone on this Valentine's day, don't worry, there are much more to come, and you sure won't be #foreveralone. Unless you don't want it to, which in that case, you're amazing.

And if you had a Valentine, then tell me how did it all go, what did you do?

Until next time,

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